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North America attracts with its abundance of beautiful sceneries, skyscrapers, vibrant world metropolis and gastronomic cuisine with world-renowned sommeliers and chefs presenting culinary artworks. Experience Canadian friendliness, beautiful sceneries, world-class skiing and the American extravagance.


In the United States and Canada there is almost everything. From beaches and deserts to mountain peaks and icebergs. Whether the holiday is about shopping, theater visits, film festivals, climbing, golfing, surfing, skiing or big city life, you will find it here. The United States has attractive destinations like sunny Los Angeles, trendy San Francisco, the big apple New York, Pearl Seattle and adventurous Alaska.

Travel to the United States and Canada gives you everything

Go by car along Pacific Highway on the west coast and stop in California, wander in the fascinating Grand Canyon or visit the Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore. Canada has, among other things, French Quebec, the melting pot Toronto, the skiing paradise Whistler and, most of all, Vancouver. Get up in the CN Tower, experience the Niagara Falls, go on a roller coaster ride on Victoria Island or fish and hike in the Banff National Park, surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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