Roll the skis, pack your ski boots and your warmest clothes, or rent everything on place. Winter sport resort Whistler is well-knowned for its great skiing. White frosty snow on top of the spruce as far as the eye can reach. Enjoy the heliskiing for one day and take the helicopter to the top. After a long day in the slopes is a nice massage waiting in the spa.

Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Skidlift-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Vattenfall-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Helikopter-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Skidåkning-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Skidbacke-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå Resor-till-Whistler-i-Kanada-Sommar-med-Nygren-och-Lind-resebyrå

If you have not experienced powder skiing this is the beginning of your new passion. Lactic acid in your bones, adrenaline kicks and a cool skiing are something you will experience. If you go to a slope on the map, there are many nice restaurants to eat a meal or drink something good at. Enjoy a warm gulasch soup with a hot cup of drink to a magical view.

Enyoj a swim in the hot springs in the forest of Whistler

Whistler, located in Canada, is also known for the arrengement of the Winter Olympics event in 2010. The ski resort is one of the world’s most popular! Here you are surrounded by mountains with many nice little gems, including hot springs that are perfect to enjoy after a long day in the slopes. In summer, Whistler still attracts visitors with its amazing views, scenic hiking, waterfalls and exciting excursions.

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