A trip to the USA is like entering the world's largest candy store - what should one choose? Here are the largest cities in the world, sun and bath and adventures in the Rocky Mountains. The United States is called the country of dreams and fortune, and rightly so. Everyone wants to travel to the Big Apple and we do - repeatedly because we love it!


The 50 states that grounds the United States offer all travelers something special. A continent full of experiences and friendly residents. In the south there are, among others, Arizona, Texas and Florida. There are major cities like Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Orlando and Miami. Beaches, deserts, palms and sunshine attracts as well as an exciting cuisine influenced by Mexican culture.

Travel to the west coast and sunny California in the United States

On the West Coast of USA you will find sunny California and well-known cities like Los Angeles, surfing paradise San Diego and Bohemian San Francisco. In the East New York, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Skyscrapers, subways, shops, bars and restaurants are neighbors to political buildings. Separately from all, out in the Pacific, lies the island group of Hawaii. Palms, beaches, volcanoes, mountains and waterfalls influences the state and attract visitors from all over the world when it’s time for surf competitions.

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