We at Nygren & Lind Travel Agency take the environmental threat very seriously, but at the same time we do not believe that the solution is to stop traveling. You can be sure that in the future we will advise / guide you as a customer on the best choices when it comes to your travels so that you can do it in the best way possible.

Sustainable travel

We love to travel! Traveling is joy, inspiration, encounters with people, magical nature experiences, discovering new cultures and visits to grand places. Traveling and tourism create jobs and economic development in countries that are not as privileged as Sweden. Travelers educate in social skills, empathy, language, democracy and cultural differences. We at Nygren & Lind are very proud that we get to help people out in the world on the adventure of their lives.

Of course, traveling entails a strong commitment to the environment, social issues and ethics. We are very aware that travel has a major impact on the environment and local communities around the world. We guide our customers to the best choices in order to minimize the negative impact and at the same time we offer our travelers to participate and contribute and be able to make a difference. Our biggest conviction is that if we all make a small effort to increase sustainability, the overall effect will be great and benefit the environment, ourselves and, not least, future generations.

Our vision for sustainable travel

Together with our suppliers and customers, we want to promote sustainable travel and contribute to the positive effects of tourism. We want to make it easier for our customers to make active and conscious choices. If you want to know more, you can read our Sustainability Policy.

Eco Travel

We have carefully and with high concern selct destinations and countries that place environmental protection and sustainability high on their agenda. A collection of our Eco Travel collection.

Reduce the climate footprint

We at Nygren & Lind Travel agency have chosen to reduce the climate footprint by working with the Fly Green Fund whose vision is “To enable business and private individuals to fly on biofuel in the Nordic countries”.

The Fly Green Fund is an economic association, with no profit interest, which since 2015 gives companies and individuals the opportunity to reduce their climate footprint during air travel. They offer all their travelers the opportunity to reduce climate by flying on biofuels. Of the money, 75% goes to the purchase of biofuel fuel and 25% to support continuous and large-scale production in Sweden.

Read more on how you can reduce your climate foot print (on Swedish):

As a customer, you can easily access the Fly Green Fund website by clicking on the link below and contribute to reduce your climate impact when you travel.
www.flygreenfund.se/jag-vill-flyga-pa-bioflygbranse/ or SWISHA 123 131 4137

We do everything we can to contribute to a sustainable society. We always focus on sustainability, both in the office, at home and of course while we travel. Obviously, we reduce our climate footprint to the Fly Green Fund when we are traveling.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have selected some organizations that we have supported for several years. We are proud sponsors of Futbol da Forca, New Hope and School by school.