Greece is the birthplace of democracy and the modern form of politics. The birthplace of the literature, the advanced urban architecture and most of all the sciences and arts. There is an abundance of ancient monuments and historic places to visit.


It is incredibly beautiful out there in the islands and it is easy to enjoy it as a tourist. We Scandinavians have traveled here since the beginning of the travel and never cease to be charmed by the white and the blue – we yearn to return every year. The capital Athens on the mainland is the largest city in the country, with more than a third of the country’s inhabitants.

Greece charms the world

Greek taverns in plenty invite to long warm evenings with Greek food and nice atmosphere. The Greek islands are great, but what suits you and your party’s needs? Islands is undoubtedly the most visited but the amounts of Greek gems are waiting on the mainland. Costa Navarino is one of the latest newly discovered destinations in Greece. Worth a visit, we think and already longing to go back.

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Places in Greece

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