Neighboring Norway is known for its beauty with its magnificent sceneries and rich history. The country is often associated with its spectacular fjords, mountains and midnight sun. There are plenty of adventure opportunities in nature, no matter what time of year it is.


Climb the mountain, go on whale watching, mount mountains or go rafting. The northern part offers both midnight sun and northern lights, while the south of the country have both relics from the Viking Age and cities. Travel to the south and visit the Viking festivals or the world’s best preserved Viking ships.

North to south, west to east – Norway is popular

Go to the north and visit the galleries or go on hunting in the Northern Lights. In the winter of ongoing polar night, when the sun barely goes up at all, the population engages in cultural events instead. The northern city Tromsø is a popular destination for rewarding fjord cruises and fun festivals. The mountain town, Røros is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is known for its arts and crafts. Take in the beautiful views through the train window between Bergen and Oslo, the distance that annually attracts a number of train enthusiasts.

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