The Inca Indians Country, history and culture - Peru is a fascinating and multifaceted country and created for round trips. The treasures of the heights are numerous and the rich and beautiful nature of the lowlands captures. Macchu Picchu is the goal of many and is reached in a variety of ways. Many choose to wander the Inca Trails, or take one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world - all modes of transport leave unforgettable pieces of memory.

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Perus varied climate extends across both the Andes and the Amazon. Here are amazing places to be explored by curious travelers from all over the world – cruises on the Amazon River, hikes along the Incalade, climbing the gorges, bathing on Máncoras beautiful beaches or boat trips on the world’s highest lake. Heavy condoms and mysterious desert lines are available. Peru has cultural treasures and well-preserved world heritage throughout the country – a well-planned round trip is required if one wants to visit the most important and most unforgettable.

Machu Picchu in Peru – magnificent

Traveling to Peru is an exciting journey you’ll never forget and many returns. Here lies the ravine Colca Canyon – twice as deep as the Grand Canyon – and the Urufolk’s floating waters of Lake Titicaca. World Heritage site, the ruins of the Inca Indians – Machu Picchu, is waiting in the Andes – it is noticeably fascinating when the story is served by a local guide. Walking around in the ruins of the Inca Indians, gives more than just physical impressions – you are astonished of the masterpieces of stunning architectural mysteries. And hear – the fascinating geoglyphs Nazca lines are considered to be the world’s most outstanding.

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